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Four Sisters’ romance with the grape began in the mid 90s. Inspired by his four beautiful daughters, renowned Australian winemaker Trevor Mast set about creating a wine that was stylish, sophisticated and modern; a reflection of our world today. It was Trevor’s desire to create a range of wines that his daughters could enjoy with their friends and which the younger generation of wine drinkers could relate to and embrace.

His eldest daughter Daliah, an emerging artist, wished to contribute by designing the label. The dramatic silhouette she created became the obvious centrepiece and the Four Sisters brand was born.

Today, Four Sisters is an iconic Australian brand known for its fruit forward wines. Suitable for any occasion, and now sold around the globe and people everywhere are enjoying Four Sisters.

All these wines are the epitome of sophisticated fun. It’s about catching up with friends for good times, good stories and of course, great wine. It’s about sharing old memories and creating new ones... it’s about simply being together.

Four Sisters. Inspiring the moment.